Tuesday, June 26, 2012

China Seed Workshop 2012 to be Held in Beijing on Sep. 12

Jointly organized by Kcomber and Beijing Seed Congress, China Seed Workshop 2012 will be held in Beijing on Sept. 12th , 2012.

The workshop will discuss the new challenges and opportunities hidden in China’s seed industry under the latest policy. Renowned experts will share their unique and insightful perspective on the development of the boosting seed market. The workshop is estimated to attract more than 50 top managers and leaders from famous enterprises and institutes to attend. Followed by complete success of seed workshop last year, China Seed Workshop 2012 is expected to be more successful.

Governmental policies and regulations play important roles in the fast growth of China’s seed development. With the launch of "Suggestions for Accelerating Development of Modern Crop Seed Industry"(“Suggestions”) on April 18, 2011, China started to make innovative changes and reforms to domestic seed industry.

One year later, the government evaluates the performance of the “Suggestions” and decides to push up the release of “Modern Crop Seed Industry Development Plan (2011-2020)” (“Ten-Year Plan”). Therefore, the “Ten-Year Plan” soon becomes highlighted topic among domestic seed industry. As the “Ten-Year Plan” is about to be released soon, China will accelerate the innovation in China’s seed industry. With strong governmental support, China’s seed industry will enter a new development stage.

The following topics will be covered during the workshop:
1. Policy
-What is the effectiveness of the “Suggestions” after one year of implement?
-What kind of strategies will be implemented according the “Ten-Year Plan”?
-What reforms and innovations will take place in China’s seed industry with the release of the “Ten-Year Plan”?
-What kind of influence the “Ten-Year Plan” will make on domestic seed enterprises?

2. Development
-China’s vegetable seed has enjoyed fast growth in recent years. How will the implement of “Ten-Year Plan” influence domestic vegetable seed enterprises?
-What kind of opportunities and challenges lie ahead for traditional vegetable seed players in China? How to seize the opportunities and cope with the challenges?

More details will be shared in China Seed Workshop 2012. Grasp this amazing chance to make heated discussion with renowned experts and discover new business opportunities. Please click the register button in our website for getting involved:
Or just contact us at info@kcomber.com for registration.

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