Thursday, June 7, 2012

Data and Financial Market Seminar - Seizing on The Momentum in China

Everyone knows data is important to finance practitioner, but what kind of data is needed and how to use them to make strategic decision is seldom discussed. A seminar talking about “Data and Financial Market” will be held from 16:30 to 18:00 pm on July 17th , 2012 (GMT-6, Chicago Time) by Investment Banking & Financial Market Association. This seminar can help financial institutions learn how to make good use of data.

Zhonghui Wu, Managing Director of CCM International and keynote speaker of this seminar will share his unique perspective on how to read and interpret data about China's market by combining CCM International's understanding of China's overall market situation.  

Grab this amazing opportunity to learn how to make good use of data and how investors can make wiser decisions. You may register from here:
Or just click the “REGISTER” button from our website page. After registration, we will provide you with more information of this seminar, and email you PPT and one free market report worth $2,000 after seminar.

The following topics will be covered in this seminar:
-China’s investment situation and investment opportunities in general
-Who are providing information about China’s market, and who are analyzing Chinese market?
-How to evaluate and use data of Chinese market and choose the right information provider among a huge number of providers?
-The level and depth of market data research in China
-How to read and interpret the data released by China’s listed companies?
-Insights about China’s four investment areas— agriculture, life science, chemicals and energies, and points to be noted to use data and information about these industries?
-How to find the specific investment opportunities from these industries and how these opportunities are made of?
-Case study

Zhonghui Wu is the founder and managing director of CCM International, founder and director of CCPS. Mr. Wu is an expert of Chinese market. He has been working closely with MNE clients since 1996. He has been invited to speak in numerous forums and summits. Mr. Wu’s knowledge and leadership have been respected by executives of world leading corporations such as Monsanto and BASF.

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