Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kcomber Launches New Meeting Platform – Kmeeting

Kcomber, an information-technology company with the aim of making information become more valuable, has formally launched Kmeeting, a brand-new meeting platform, providing timely and all-around meeting information.

Kmeeting is a platform of accessing information and knowledge through meetings and conferences. The opening of Kmeeting is designed to provide clients with knowledge and information at the site or remotely at meetings. Online Seminar and Onsite event are two presenting forms of Kmeeting.

Kmeeting’s Online Seminar is a new type service of customer-oriented conference launched by Kcomber in 2012. Under the great background of digital direction with strong advantages of our experts, the seminar provides the one-stop solution for customers. Each quarter, the seminar will invite the top experts from different industries including agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, etc., to join the meeting. The experts will share professional opinion of the industrial hot spots with you and make the heated interaction with other participants and guests. Kmeeting’s Online Seminar is aiming at helping the participants and guests to gain professional experience and market intelligence.

As an experienced Event holder, Kmeeting has successfully held a lot of events which are related to the industries and also have great impact on the whole industry. The famous brands of Kmeeting’s onsite event include China Crop Protection Summit, Seed Workshop, Titanium Workshop, etc.

Speaking of conferences in 2012, Kcomber will host professional industry webinars on different hotspots every two months. For example, a free webinar about China’s glyphosate market will be held on June 28th, 2012. Except the online meeting, Kcomber will also organize the site conferences so that you and the experts can make heated discussion. China Seed Workshop 2012 will be launched in the coming September.

About Kcomber
Kcomber, an information-technology company, is dedicated to providing more valuable information for our clients. The brands and areas of our expertise include market research (CCM), industry consultancy, database, events (Kmeeting), information platform of chemical market (Cnchemicals), ValoTracer information platform of substance relationship (ValoTracer) and the corresponding IT support.

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