Friday, February 17, 2012

CCM International’s Free TiO2 Webinar to be Open in Feb. 23

CCM International will hold a free TiO2 webinar at 16:30 pm (GMT+8, Beijing Time) on Feb. 23, 2012, with fresh idea and brand-new communication way. Entitled “China TIO2 Market Review and 2012 Forecast”, the upcoming webinar has drawn many people’s attentions in the whole Chinese TiO2 market. Statistics from CCM International’s website ( show that about 20 people from famous companies around the world have registered to attend the webinar, which will last about 30 minutes.

China has become the largest TiO2 country of production and consumption in the world since 2009. TiO2 price has been surging in 2011, especially from August 2011, the price of titanium dioxide has been remained at high level. According to the latest investigation from CCM International, domestic TiO2 market is facing severe overcapacity problem. There are hidden crises in this “promising” industry. With the purpose of helping TiO2 players to avoid risks and crises, this TiO2 webinar is committed to providing TiO2 enterprises with feasible ideas and solutions.

It is reported that about 20 delegates from TiO2 giant companies around the world will participate in this webinar. Presented by CCM International’s Chief Editor of Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report, the webinar will share you with a comprehensive review of China’s TiO2 market in 2011 and the latest price trend, as well as the import & export situation of titanium dioxide in 2011. Most importantly, the future development trend of TiO2 in 2012 will be delivered by then.

Specific Outline of TiO2 Webinar:
-Review of the China TIO2 market
-Big events of China TIO2 in 2011
-China TIO2 recent prices analysis
-China TIO2 import and export situation in 2011
-Forecast the China TIO2 trend in 2012

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