Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Booming Agriculture Investment in China

Agriculture has played a predominant role in the Chinese economy and will become increasingly important in the foreseeable future. The potential high growth of China’s future agriculture industry has attracted more and more investors, with modes including capital investments and new real investments.

Ding Lei, founder and CEO of the leading China-based internet technology company, Inc., proposed his idea of pig breeding project in 2009, which aroused great public concerns. Now the pig breeding project is underway smoothly, and the first patch product of 10,000 pigs will be put into the market at the beginning of 2012. 

Financial capital investors have paid much attention to China’s agriculture industry in recent three years. In 2010, PE (private equity) fund to Chinese agriculture projects approached USD1,489 million, more than the total value in 2006–2009. In 2011, the number of companies to be listed and their major businesses including agriculture industry increased by 30% over 2010, with PE/VC investment of more than RMB1,000 million.

According to the data from Zero2IPO Group, 10 VC funds with total value of USD173.4 million have invested in agriculture industry in Q3 2011, ranking fifth among industries. And 12 VC funds with total value of USD170.3 million in food/ drink industry, ranking the sixth among industries.

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