Thursday, February 23, 2012

Major Therapeutic Classes Market Review -- Cancer Market Review

According to International Agency for Research on Cancer under WHO (2008 data), China is the second highest cancer-incidence country in the world with over 2.2 million new cancer cases every year. The figures are even higher from Chinese Cancer Registry Annual Report 2009 (3.6 million). The ten leading cancers and their prevalence in China are listed in TABLE 2. Cancer drugs contribute to 10% of the total prescription drug market in China, and grow at an annual rate of 25% which is higher than the overall pharmaceutical market growth of 18%. The total cancer market is about USD4 billion. Cancer market is attracting pharmaceutical companies and we are seeing a clear trend for them to make more efforts to capture the potential, according to CCM’s January Issue of Pharmaceuticals China Bimonthly Report.

Cancer drugs are classified generally based on their mechanism of action.
-- Alkylating agents
-- Platinum compounds
-- Antimetabolites
-- Natural plant derivatives
-- Antineoplastic antibiotics
-- Antineoplastic monoclonal antibodies and target therapeutics
-- Cytostatic hormones
-- Adjuvant drugs
-- Traditional Chinese medicines

Natural plant derivative drugs have the biggest market share while monoclonal-and-targettherapeutics drugs and hormonal drugs have the highest growth rates.

Local generic drugs are dominating the market with over 70% of the market share by value.

Source: Pharmaceuticals China Bimonthly Report 1201

Main content of Pharmaceuticals China Bimonthly Report 1201:
-MOH announces progress on public hospitals expenditures control NDRC updates essential drugs tendering system & healthcare reform
-SFDA ensures essential drugs safety and supply
-SFDA strengthens control on internet drug selling
-Major therapeutic classes market review-- Cancer market review
-Antibiotic control impact
-SFDA requested recall of Caelyx and Velcade
-Chinese pharmaceuticals received FDA approval
-HBV therapeutic vaccine Phase III trial continues
-BMS and Simcere expand strategic cooperation
-Simcere launches Iremod for active rheumatoid arthritis
-AstraZeneca expands local manufacturing
-Boehringer Ingelheim expands Shanghai factory
-MSD sets up Asia R&D center in Beijing
-Global CRO targets China market
… …

Pharmaceuticals China Bimonthly Report, published on 20th bimonthly, can keep you informed of the changes and implications of regulations and policies in China’s pharmaceutical market. By grasping the latest market and product development trends on specific therapeutic classes for decision making, you might understand the potential long-term change of market trend based on potential technologies and drugs under development.

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