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Explosive Registrations of Solid Glyphosate Ammonium Salt in 2011

In 2011, China has achieved 92 registrations of glyphosate products, completed by 70 companies. Solid glyphosate ammonium salt is the most popular product registered in 2011, a sign of its growth potential in China's glyphosate market, according to CCM International’s January Issue of Glyphsoate China Monthly Report.
The 92 registrations, which accounts for 13.77% of the total active registrations as of 10 January 2012, include 7 registrations of glyphosate technical, 82 glyphosate single formulations and 3 mixed glyphosate formulations.
Among the seven glyphosate technical registrations, it is noted that Guang'an Chengxin Chemical Co., Ltd. who owns IDAN production capacity of 50,000t/a newly registered 95% glyphosate technical in 2011, indicating that the company intended to extend its IDAN manufacture to the downstream glyphosate. The company completed the construction of the new 95% glyphosate technical production line in early 2011, but it hasn't launched it up to now due to the dire market of glyphosate and IDAN.
It is also noteworthy that Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., China's top manufacturer of glyphosate technical, registered two new glyphosate technical products—77.6% glyphosate potassium salt and 70.5% glyphosate IPA salt in 2011. It's also the first time for glyphosate potassium technical and glyphosate IPA technical to be registered in China.
Among the 82 registrations of glyphosate single formulations, 43 registrations are for solid formulations, including 24 registrations for SG (soluble granule) and 19 registrations for SP (soluble powder), while the other 39 registrations are for SL (soluble liquid). 
18 of the 19 newly registered glyphosate SP formulations are glyphosate ammonium salt, and the last one is glyphosate potassium salt. 23 of the 24 new glyphosate registrations are glyphosate ammonium salt, and the last one is glyphosate IPA salt of SG form, registered by Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. That's to say, 50% (41 of the 82 registrations) of glyphosate single formulations registered in 2011 is solid form of glyphosate ammonium.
The total number of solid glyphosate ammonium formulations newly registered in 2011 accounts for 35.04% of total active registrations of solid single glyphosate products as of Dec. 31, 2011.

The explosive registration of solid glyphosate ammonium in 2011 indicates market expectation of future growth in solid formulations in China's glyphosate market. Now glyphosate formulations with SL form dominate the overwhelming market and the market competition is relatively stiff. But comparatively, glyphosate solid formulations are not very popular at present and the competition is relative loose. So, the market players aim to seize more market share in the solid glyphosate formulation market, which is expected to be promoted in the future.

Source: Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1201

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