Thursday, February 23, 2012

China's Fluoropolymer Industry Attracts More Foreign Investment

China's fluoropolymer industry attracts more foreign investment, driven by the booming market and resource advantage, according to CCM’s January Issue of China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report.

During the 2011 Investor Day on Dec. 12-13, 2011, DuPont indicates that the Asia-Pacific economy and the favorable industrial bases there will boost the demand for performance chemicals in 2012 and beyond. The long-term sales of performance chemicals, including TiO2 and fluoropolymers, are expected to grow 6-8% compounded annually. The increasing demand for TiO2 and fluoropolymers is complemented by ongoing capacity expansion through brown-field and productivity projects.  ...

Apart from DuPont, other multinationals also eye on China's fluoropolymer market, especially Japanese companies. In September 2011, Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Daikin), a famous Japan-based fluorochemical manufacturer, announced that it will establish a new production facility for the manufacture of ZEFFLE fluoropolymer coatings at Changshu Factory of its subsidiary Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co. Ltd. ...

Early in July 2011, Daikin has decided to establish a new production facility ... Kureha Corp. (Kureha), another Japan-based fluorochemical producer,...

Apart from the booming market, resource advantage and China's government's encourage are the reasons for multinationals' investment in China's fluoropolymer industry. With China's government restricting the fluorite export, multinationals outside China are facing fluorite resource shortage, especially for those based in Japan. Moreover, China's government has promulgated ...

Source: China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1201

Main content of China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1201:
Fluorite resource attracts more investment
China continues to revoke export quota system for fluorite ore in 2012
Phosphorus-fluorine integrated industry to benefit fluorine industry
China to completely eliminate HCFCs by 2030
Shanghai 3F benefits from capacity expansion and price raising
China's global market share for AlF3 shrinks in 2010-2011
China restricts inorganic fluoride development by rising entry criteria
India extends anti-dumping duty on China's PTFE for five years
China's fluoropolymer industry attracts more foreign investment
Zhejiang Juhua to extend fluoride product portfolio
Fluoride fine chemical production booming in Fuxin, Liaoning
LiPF6 production to boom in China
China still a net exporter of fluoride chemicals
Prices of fluoride materials drop in November

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