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Hymexazol Market Heating up in China

August 11, 2011, CCM – Chinese hymexazol market has been heating up in recent years as this fungicide with prevention and control effect on various diseases as well as regulating crop growth is widely welcomed by many domestic producers, agricultural technicians and peasants, according to CCM’s August issue of Fungicides China News.

As a systemic fungicide with high efficiency, broad spectrum and low toxicity, hymexazol can be applied to control various soil-borne diseases, such as seedling blight, damping-off, fusarium, verticillium wilt, root rot, etc., in the fields of vegetables, fruits, grain and other cash crops.

Driven by the bright market prospect and fat profit, there are in total 103 hymexazol registrations having been approved by the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture
ICAMAas of early Aug. 2011. Among all hymexazol registrations, 12 are for technical, 55 for single formulations and 36 for mixed formulations.

Currently, hymexazol 15% AS, 30% AS and 70% WP are the top three popular hymexazol single formulations; the major mixed formulations include metalaxyl•hymexazol 3% AS, hymexazol•thiram 36% WP, hymexazol•isoprothiolane 20% ME and so on. It is worth noting that the registration number of metalaxyl•hymexazol has reached 22, accounting for 60.11% of the total registration of hymexazol mixed formulations.

Aided by the vigorous promotion, hymexazol's application fields cover not only corn, wheat, sorghum, peanut, soybean, rape but also rice, cotton, fruits, flowers, etc. In addition, the planting area of protected fields has been enlarged in recent years, and the related disease varieties have constantly increased; various diseases have occurred frequently and tempestuously. As a result, the demand for hymexazol has been on the rise accordingly.

Mr. Zhou, Manager of Hanfu Biological and Chemical Medication Co., Ltd., reveals that the company's hymexazol has sold well in northern cotton planting areas, southern vegetable planting areas and Southwest China's tobacco planting areas, and the sales volume is expected to go up in the future with  the continuous promotion in these areas.

As hymexazol is highly praised by the market, its capacity (technical) in China has witnessed increase in recent years, hitting around 1,000t/a in 2011, nearly double as much as that of 2009. As for output, China produced about 500 tonnes hymexazol technical in 2010, of which about 20% was exported to overseas market, mainly to Mid-Asia and East Europe. Moreover, it is said that hymexazol technical's sales value of most domestic producers in 2010 rose by 50% year on year.

Meanwhile, the export value of hymexazol formulations, mainly including 30% AS and 70% WP, grows much more quickly than that of 97% TC. With the expansion of hymexazol capacity, the prices have witnessed slip to some extent. According to CCM's survey, the average export prices of hymexazol 97% TC, 70% WP and 30% AS in Aug. 2011 are about USD20,871/t, USD16,542/t and USD8,039/t respectively.

It is estimated that the sales amount of hymexazol in the domestic market will continue to soar up in the next years, which is attributed to the enhanced promotion and fairly competitive price. What's more, Weifang Tianda Plant Protection Co., Ltd., the largest domestic hymexazol technical producer in China, plans to expand its capacity to 600t/a by 2012 from original 200t/a; some other domestic enterprises, such as Qingdao Star CropScience Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yingxin Pesticides Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jinpu Northern Chlor-alkali Chemical Co., Ltd., etc., would join into the hymexazol industry in the near future.

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