Monday, August 15, 2011

Promising Chinese Polysilicon Market in Solar Photovoltaic Industry

Guangzhou China, August 12, 2011 CCM will launch a brand-new report this August, entitled China's Polysilicon Market in Solar Photovoltaic Industry.

As the main raw material for solar cell, polysilicon industry is boosted greatly by photovoltaic industry. However, nowadays about 50% of the polysilicon used in solar cell in China is imported. A great part of the abrupt increase of polysilicon capacity around China has not been fully utilized because of no cost and quality advantages compared with exported products.

Driven by abrupt increase of demand, price of polysilicon has been edged up since March 2010. But the basic situation of overcapacity in China has not been changed, mainly because of the immature processing technology.

In the near future, breakthroughs in technology, enormous amount of investment, strong down-stream demand possibly enable Chinese polysilicon industry to make great progress and seize the enormous market opportunity. CCM’s polysilicon report will show you an in-depth analysis on China’s polysilicon industry from aspects of current situation, technology innovation, consumption, opportunities and future development, etc.

By obtaining the comprehensive and in-depth view on China’s polysilicon industry from this report, you might get the latest information of polysilicon, such as its production, producers, new projects, price, technology innovations, export & import, application, future prospect, etc. The report also shows you the future trend of polysilicon industry and the detail in the aspects of demand and production as well as information of competitors/their activities. With the help of this report, you can gain vital business intelligence of Chinese polysilicon industry before entering the competition so that you can grasp the commercial opportunities to expand your business.

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