Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Renowned Experts Were Invited to China Seed Workshop 2011

Guangzhou China, August 4, 2011China Seed Workshop 2011 is going to be held in Beijing from 13:30~17:30 (GMT+8, Beijing Time), September 19, 2011. Well-known experts from China’s seed industry confirmed to attend the event. Expert speakers will share their opinions about the current situation and related policies related to seed industry. CCM is honored to have the following guests during the event:

Tong Pingya, Senior Researcher from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, is going to deliver a speech on seed policies during the event. Mr. Tong has been engaged in the study on corn research and agriculture development for almost 50 years. He specializes in the field of seed research after retirement, releasing books of "Who Controls the Development of Seed Industry in China?", "China's Seed Industry is Undergoing Breakthroughs", "Sixty Years of China's Seed Industry", etc.

Jia Xihai, Vice President of Beijing Seed Management Center, will answer your questions related to seed policies. Mr. Jia is an important governmental officer of Beijing Seed Management Center, who is very familiar with the domestic seed policies and legislations.

Zhang Mengyu, CEO Assistant of Pioneer International Company, will be the host of seed workshop. Mr. Zhang, who used to work as secretary of China Seed Trade Association, has insightful ideas about the development of China's seed industry.

Ou Xuewu, Consultant from CCM, will share his point of view on the current situation of China's seed industry. Mr. Ou has been dedicated himself to seed research in CCM for more than 3 years, who has his own idea of current situation of seed industry.

China Seed Workshop 2011 will feature a group of renowned experts, including:
-Tong Pingya, Experienced Seed Expert, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
-Jia Xihai, Vice President, Beijing Seed Management Center
-Zhang Mengyu, CEO Assistant, Pioneer International Company (Subsidiary of Dupont)
-Ou Xuewu, Senior Researcher, CCM International Ltd.
-Hubei Seed Group
-Beijing Jin Se Nong Hua Technology Company

Plus, more than 40 attendees are going to brainstorm, discuss and debate the future of seed industry development in China. You cannot miss such a great chance!

Hurry up and join us to hear what the experts are going to say in China Seed Workshop 2011!

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