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Titanium Feedstock Import Volume Continues to Decline in May

July 29, 2011, CCM - China's titanium feedstock import volume continues to decline while the average import price shoots up in May 2011, as compared with last month. It is primarily due to global tight supply of titanium feedstock, according to CCM’s July issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report.

In May 2011, China's titanium feedstock import volume is
174,088 tonnes, decreasing by 19.61% from 216,541 tonnes in last month. It keeps a downward trend from March this year, as a result of global strong demand and inadequate supply.

By May, China has totally imported 955,623 tonnes of
titanium feedstock in 2011, up 16.82% year on year. It indicates that the demand for imported titanium feedstock increases in China. However, titanium feedstock is in short supply globally now. Under the circumstances, many titanium feedstock suppliers have taken measures to strengthen their production capabilities.

The average import price of titanium feedstock is USD197/t in May 2011, increasing by 13.62% over last month, and
66.63% higher than that of May 2010, boosted by robust demand and tight supply.

Content of TiO2 China Monthly Report July 2011:
China's TiO2 trade surplus hit record high
Titanium feedstock import volume continues to decline in May
Kenmare expects to gain market share
Iluka's ilmenite production decreases
Rio Tinto posts weak titanium feedstock production
Henan Billions goes public on July 15
CNNC Huayuan's restructuring fizzles out again
Pangang Group sees strong output
Tronox benefits from restructuring and strong demand
Huntsman wins 2011 Low Carbon Award
South Korea to end anti-dumping duties on China's TiO2
China's coating output grows rapidly
Carpoly outstands coating producers in Asia Pacific
Kansai Paint sets up Chongqing base
Leading coating companies report great revenue growth

Price update of TiO2 and its feedstock in July 2011
TiO2 price increases in North America
DTT announces price increase effective in Sept. 2011

Editor’s Note
A climate of unrest appears in China's economy, with 6.4% increase in CPI and 1.1% decrease in PMI in June 2011.

Premier Wen Jiabao called for intensified efforts to save energy and reduce emissions at a meeting on July 19, 2011. He added that China would press ahead with reforms of resource taxes and environmental taxes, and adjust import and export duties to curb export of high energy-consuming and high-pollution products.

The shortage of titanium feedstock continues, due to output decline and great demand all over the world. In domestic market, titanium feedstock prices keep an uptrend.

China's TiO2 industry is in a booming period, enjoying global strong demand and rising prices. Henan Billions is one of the producers that have seized the opportunity. However, TiO2 prices become relatively stable in domestic market, due to weak demand in this slack season.

The coating industry in China sees great output growth this year, but its profit is seriously affected by high raw material cost.

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