Monday, August 1, 2011

Successive Decline of China’s Titanium Feedstock Import Volume

Guangzhou China, July 29, 2011 - China's titanium feedstock import volume continues to decline in May 2011, according to the July issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report released by CCM.

China's titanium feedstock import volume is 174,088 tonnes in May 2011, down by 19.61% compared with April 2011. The global strong demand and tight supply of titanium result in a successive downward trend from March 2011.

By May 2011, China has imported 955,623 tonnes of titanium feedstock, up 16.82% compared with the same period last year, indicating the growing demand of China’s imported titanium feedstock. However, the global titanium feedstock is in short supply now. It’s a great challenge for titanium feedstock suppliers to increase their production capabilities.
More news about the industrial trend, company dynamics, market price, and future forecast are unveiled in the latest issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report.

The following highlights are covered in the latest issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report:
- China's TiO2 trade surplus hit a record high in May 2011, with the export volume up 58.94% and the import volume up 2.37% respectively year on year.- Lluka reports ilmenite production decreases in Q2 2011, down 2% year on year.- Rio Tinto reports a 1% year-on-year decline in its TiO2 feedstock production.- Henan Billions goes public in this month and draws much attention.- Shandong Dongjia gives up restructuring CNNC Huayuan.- Kansai Paint is to build a heavy duty coating production and sales base in Chongqing, China.- Leading coating companies report great revenue growth in Q2 2011.

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