Wednesday, August 10, 2011

China Acephate Survey Expected To be Released This August

Guangzhou China, August 8, 2011 CCM is going to publish a brand-new report this August, entitled Acephate Survey in China. Aimed to present you an in-depth and comprehensive view on Chinese acephate market, the upcoming report will show you aspects of acephate production, consumption as well as growth potential from 2011 to 2015.

Acephate, mainly applied to control pests with chewing mouthparts and piercing-sucking mouthparts, has witnessed fast demand growth in recent years. It is a kind of insecticide recommended by Chinese government to substitute methamidophos. The demand of domestic acephate has been robust in recent years. At the same time, as one of the products supported by the special fund for treasury bond in the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan from 2006 to 2010, acephate capacity experienced a fast growth. Compared with the capacity in 2006, the capacity in 2011 has increased more than 90%. Now 24 companies have got technical registrations and 69 companies have got formulations registrations, and all of them are within validity. In order to prevent the potential possibility of over capacity, government is planning to make relevant policies to control the acephate technical capacity. It would not repeat the over capacity mistake like the one of glyphosate in China and would develop in a sustainable way.

The following aspects will be covered in this research:
-To provide overview on Chinese acephate industry.
-To survey current production situation of acephate technical and formulations.
-To reveal production technologies adopted by domestic producers.
-To identify major acephate suppliers in China.
-To analyze demand for acephate.
-To reveal influencing factors and drivers for Chinese acephate development.

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