Friday, August 19, 2011

China’s Polycarbonate PC Market Survey Coming Soon

Guangzhou China, August 18, 2011 CCM is going to release a brand-new report on polycarbonate this October, entitled Survey of Polycarbonate Market in China. Aiming to provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding on the China’s polycarbonate market, the report will focus on the data of polycarbonate production, consumption and price in China and forecast to 2015.

The upcoming report will help you obtain the latest information and deep analysis about China’s polycarbonate market so that you can be filled up with vital business intelligence ahead of other competitors. With the report of Survey of Polycarbonate Market in China, you might have a precise anticipation on the future trend of China’s polycarbonate market and grasp related commercial opportunities, provided by better understanding of competitors’ market activities.

Featuring shock resistance, creep-resistance, dimensional stability, heat resistance, dielectricity, low water absorption, innocuity and transparence, polycarbonate (PC) is widely used as an engineering material to produce lampshade, transparent protection plate, lighting perspex, windshield, reverberator, etc.

PC production in China has been expanding rapidly in late 2000s, but the market is still dominated by imported products. However, in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, production technology of PC has been listed as a science critical project, and more and more domestic investment will be attracted in the promising market. How will these factors influence the market structure?

Driven by the flourishing downstream industries, PC consumption in China is the largest in the world. What is the current market situation of polycarbonate? What is the current PC consumption structure in China? How fast will the market grow and which enterprise will lead the market?

All answers can be found in CCM’s upcoming polycarbonate report. If you are interested in this report, please feel free to contact us at

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