Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CCM Conducts Panel Data Research on Hunan Rice Planting

Aiming to establish key market indicators of China's rice industry, CCM has carried out a syndicated research project, namely Syndicated Research Project of Hunan Rice Panel Data & Analysis Model, on rice production in Hunan Province, one of the largest rice production provinces in China, by conducting panel data investigations around the basic information which includes pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, diseases, pests and weeds, meteorology and agricultural produce.

Focused on Panel Data Theory, the project narrows to county or city level and targets all crop related projects, sorting out relationships between different market factors in crop market. In addition, this project is centered by crop data, farmers’ habits and behavior of using fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and other products will be researched deeply.

What’s more, CCM will go further into the countryside and the local dealer for investigation and adopt unique interview methods to make survey into the real rice planting situation in Hunan province.

In fact, the panel data research covers three main rice-planting fields in Hunan Province — Hengyang, Changde and Yueyang, as well as rice planting area of different counties, brands and costs of seed, dosage, ratio, cost, pest and pest diseases control degree of pesticide/fertilizer in different growth stage of rice, pest and pest diseases occurrence in recent years, etc.

Through this project, readers can understand relevant crop planting information around each province/ city/ county by focusing on region and learn relevant crop planting information around nationwide / province / city/ county by focusing on certain crop.

With all the data and information refined from the results of the research, CCM will finally set up a multiple analysis model of the rice production dynamic in Hunan Province which can also be applied to any crop in any areas in China. Actually, the project is just one of the experimental field plans of China Agricultural Information Platform Project - a project of CCM's long-term planning.

CCM will keep conducting similar projects on main crops in different provinces in the future so as to build an overall China Agricultural Information Data Platform. Please keep focus on CCM.

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