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China's net import volume of rice soars in 2012

China usually played as a net exporter of rice before 2011. However, the export volume of rice has witnessed a continuous decrease, while the import volume has witnessed a continuous increase in recent two years. According to data from China Customs, in 2011, China became a net importer of rice and its net import volume of rice soars sharply this year. China's import volume of rice hit 1.89 million tonnes in the first nine months of 2012, up 275.7% over the same period of last year, while the export volume of rice was only 237,000 tonnes, down 23.5% year on year. The net import volume of rice hit 1.65 million tonnes in the first nine months this year, even much higher than the total import volume of rice in the whole year of 2011, according to CCM’s November issue of AgriChina Investor.
China's total rice import volume in 2012 is estimated to hit 2.4 million tonnes to 2.5 million tonnes. Besides, the smuggling of rice is very common this year. Insiders revealed that China's actual import volume of rice may be much higher than the data from China Customs.
China's imported rice is mainly from Vietnam and Pakistan. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China, Vietnam exported 5.90 million tonnes of rice in the first ten months this year, exceeding Thailand for the first time and becoming the largest rice exporter in the world. Among the total, much was exported to China.
Although China's rice import volume increases greatly this year, it still accounts for a very small share in the total rice consumed in China. However, the price of imported rice is much lower, which shocked the rice price in domestic market.
"Imported rice is easily available in the domestic market at present. The price of imported rice is USD545.7/t to USD577.8/t, while that of home-produced rice is USD609.9/t to USD706.3/t. Imported rice has brought huge impact to the rice price in China," revealed by a rice trader in Jiangxi Province.
The purchase price of rice this year is also impacted by the low price of imported rice. For example, the purchase price of middle and late indica rice (before milling) is about USD425.4/t. Some farmers revealed that the purchase price is about the same as that of last year. However, the production costs, covering pesticides, seed, labour, etc., all witnessed increase this year.
"China does not advocate exporting or importing a large amount of rice. The sharp increase in rice import volume may impact farmers' enthusiasm for rice planting, to which the government should pay attention," according to Li Guoxiang, a researcher from the Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Source: AgriChina Investor 1211

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