Thursday, December 13, 2012

Screen out investment target with high potential for PE firms

China's strong economic development projects also attracted many foreign private equities' participation. At the same time, the localized private equity investment has developed sufficiently. How to find the companies with high growth potential and real value among hundreds of thousands of companies in China? Who are those urgently seeking for investments while possesing high potential in profit return with relatively low risks? With China's economic expansion continues, a huge number of private companies have been growing fast while facing tight cash flow, thus in bad need of investments, but they find it hard to get loans from China's state-owned banks. At the same time, as a result of the information explosion, it has become increasingly challenging for those investors with abundant funds to find companies with real value to invest in.

With a research team backed by professional research methods as well as years of accumulated industry knowledge, CCM can help investors screen out a list of private companies with high growth potential and urgent needs in fund from thousands of companies in China. CCM carries out the screening by looking into various aspects of the companies, such as company size, company history, product portfolio, capacity, import and export, sales channel, sales strategy, competitors, end users, R&D, sales, management team, etc. CCM provides neutral analysis reports on screened out comparnies, to help PE firms understand the target companies’ investment intentions better.

This service can be carried out in three steps basing on investors’ requests. Step One: Find out potential target companies for investments, namely those with great growth potential, those with intention to invest, those meeting investment requirements (in size, or in industry focus, etc) of PE investors; Step Two: Talk to these private companies to help PE investors understand more of their investment target's businesses; Step Three: Provide an in-depth analysis of the Investment Target before PE investors make decisions to invest.

CCM holds the third-party perspective, and provides objective, scientific, impartial analysis and argument of risk, strategy, prospects, investment environment, and the value of the project. If you want to know more, please visit: Target Screening for PE Firms.pdf
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