Thursday, December 6, 2012

What is the key target of Chinese pesticide industry in the next five years?

With over 60 years' development, China has become the biggest pesticide production base and also a huge pesticide consumer market in the world.

The amount of grain per capita in China continued improving in 60 years, but it is just close to the world average, and much lower than that in developed countries, it can be said that the future per capita demand for food will continue to upgrade. China's total population, even under the current population policy, will continue to grow until 2025. As a result, China's domestic demand for food will continue to grow, the demand for corresponding agricultural materials supplies will also increase.

The Chinese pesticide consumption growth is expected to go on. China’s average pesticide spending is expected to be more than 700/ha in 2016, while the industry output value is expected to reach 186 billion in 2012 according to the current sales price. Counting food demand, planting area, planting structure and the income of the farmers together, the pesticide spending per unit area in the report is ​​a comprehensive reflection of the influencing factors of the long-term consumption of pesticides.

Chinese government now is actively raising the overall industrial strength of domestic pesticide industry by means of releasing stricter policies in environmental protection, heightening industry entrance threshold and phasing out highly toxic and highly residual pesticide varieties, etc.

Overview of Pesticide Industry in China 2012-2016 is CCM's summary report on Chinese pesticide industry. This study explores market landscape and competition of Chinese pesticide industry and is comprised of two major sections: Historical descriptiona full market commentary provides a summary comprehension on Chinese pesticide history. Development situation is presented in ways of industrial dynamic and market supply/demand. Future forecastexpertise analysis provides the most credible forecast on pesticides in the coming five years (2012-2016).

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