Thursday, September 1, 2011

Starch Industry Hot Topics Released by CCM

A report named Starch Industry Hot Topics was released by CCM, which gives you an in-depth analysis on the big events and changes happening in starch industry, including:
- Cases of enterprises integration in starch industry
At present, companies' reorganization is a development trend in starch industry, as more and more small-scale enterprises would be eliminated in the industry due to immature production technologies and weak competitiveness. Restructuring of starch industry is in progress and inefficient production capacities have been gradually washed out from the field. Enterprises integration becomes a future trend for starch enterprises to survive and develop.

- Supply structure and price fluctuation of feedstock
Among different kinds of feedstock, corn accounts for 79.83% of total supply of starch feedstock in China in 2010. Corn price increases in 2010, which is mainly attributed to rapid development of corn deep processing industry and pork storage plan.
On Aug. 30th, 2010, China begins to run the anti-subsidy investigation into EU's potato-based starch. If this anti-subsidy investigation is successful for China, the import volume of potato-based starch will reduce a lot, and domestic potato processors and peasants will get a more favorable profit margin, which will greatly restore the market share for domestic potato processors.

- Analysis on sustainable development of tapioca-based bio-fuel and tapioca starch
- Commercial production of waxy corn starch
- Genetically modified food policies
- New application of starch in papermaking
 (Guangzhou China, August 31, 2011)

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