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Pesticide Export and Import Rise in July 2011

According to the statistic data from China National Bureau of Statistics (CNBS), China's pesticide output in July 2011 reached 214,530 tonnes, up 9.5% year on year. Total pesticide output of the seven largest pesticide production provinces in China reached 172,395 tonnes during this period, accounting for 80.36% of the total output in July 2011, according to CCM’s latest issue of Crop Protection China News.

And the volume and value of export and import all witness increase respectively in July 2011.

China, as a large pesticide production country in the world, greatly relies on pesticide foreign trade; its pesticide dependency degree of foreign trade reached 80%. In the past three years, China exported about 1 million to 1.22 million tonnes of pesticides annually, accounting for 10% of the pesticide market share in the world.

In July 2011, China totally exported pesticide of 75,000 tonnes, up 50.9% year on year. The export value in this period reached USD220 million, up 58.5% year on year.

Thus, total pesticide export volume and value from Jan. to July 2011 reached 501,000 tonnes and USD1.51 billion, up 40% and 44.1% respectively year on year.

Among those exported pesticides in July 2011, the volume of herbicides was the largest, reaching 43,100 tonnes, up 66.8% year on year and accounting for 58% of the total export volume. The export volume of insecticides and fungicides reached 22,000 tonnes and 7,100 tonnes, up 31.2% and 25.6% year on year, accounting for 29% and 3% of the total export volume respectively.

The top three largest export volume of pesticide technical in July 2011 all belong to herbicides, namely glyphosate (12,206.514 tonnes), paraquat (2,841.84 tonnes) and 1,4-dichlorobenzene (2,038 tonnes).
As for domestic pesticide export original provinces, the volumes of pesticides exported from Jiangsu and Zhejiang were the largest, about 25,000 tonnes and 21,000 tonnes respectively. Shandong Province comes to the next, whose export volume reached 7,800 tonnes. The export volume of these three provinces accounted for 72% of China's total export volume in July 2011.

However, total pesticide export volume from Jan. to July 2011 still concentrated in these three provinces, with about 177,500 tonnes, 136,100 tonnes and 59,000 tonnes respectively, accounting for 74.33% of the total export volume.

China's pesticide import volume in July 2011 also witnessed increase, reaching 4,043 tonnes, up 24.06% year on year. However, the data of pesticide import value was still not released till 15 Sept. 2011.

The import volume of fungicide was the largest in the total import volume, reaching 1,888 tonnes. Import volume of herbicides and insecticides reached 1,647 tonnes and 508 tonnes respectively.

Import destinations in China mainly concentrated in five large cities and provinces, namely Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Liaoning and Zhejiang. Total import volumes of these five destinations reached 3,308 tonnes, accounting for 81.82% of the total import volume. Shanghai imported pesticides with the largest volume in July 2011, reaching 984 tonnes, down 25.1% year on year.

Total import volume of pesticide in the first seven months reaches 35,000 tonnes, down 1.04% year on year.
(Guangzhou China, September 19, 2011)

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