Friday, September 30, 2011

Taurine Industry in China is Flourishing

CCM has published a new report entitled Production and Market of Taurine in China, indicating that the domestic demand of taurine as well as overseas demand is thriving with the increasing recognition of nutrition enhancer. The domestic market is of great potential while overseas market is still an important motive force for the development of China’s taurine industry.

The report aims to give you a comprehensive perspective on China’s taurine industry, from aspects of production situation, price, consumption pattern and future forecast.

Taurine is popular in developed countries for its indispensable role in strengthening nutrition. Driven by the increasing demand, taurine industry in China has kept developing in recent years, posting an increase of 27,639 tonnes in output with a CAGR of 36.1% from 2008 to 2010.

Taurine is an export-oriented product in China—almost 90% of the global taurine is produced by China, which is mainly exported to the US, Europe and Japan. During 2008 and 2010, China's export volume of taurine has been increasing quickly with a CARG of 36.6%.

Moreover, the apparent consumption of taurine in China has been increasing rapidly in recent years for the surging demand from domestic market, especially the food and beverage industry. It can be estimated that the taurine industry in China will keep flourishing.

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(Guangzhou China, September 27, 2011)

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