Monday, September 5, 2011

Hardship: Road of DuPont’s Safeguarding Rights in China

Although the anti-counterfeiting actions have obtained certain achievement, some similar infringements still carry on in domestic pesticide market, being driven by excessive profit. By searching the key words of domestic Kangkuan or chlorantraniliprole on the Internet, it is not difficult to find out the information about the domestic suppliers. Faced with numberless infringers, the road of DuPont's rights safeguard in China is destined to be difficult, according to CCM’s latest issue of Crop Protection China News.

Actually, DuPont is not the only international pesticide enterprise who has suffered the pain of products being imitated in China. Regent (commercial name of fipronil) and Envidor (commercial name of spirodiclofen), insecticides developed by Bayer (a famous chemical and pharmaceutical company in the world),  and Azoxystrobin, a fungicide product developed by Syngenta, are infringed during their patent protection period in China.

With the character of highly efficiency and lowly toxic, Kangkuan is considered to be one of the most outstanding insecticides in the world. However, its high price and great profit have provided the hotbed for the production and sale of fake Kangkuan in China. Eyeing the short-term interests, many domestic pesticide players ignore the law of patent protection to get involved in illegally producing and selling fake Kangkuan which might cause a lot of trouble to domestic pesticide market and agriculture.

Under this situation, DuPont and some experts in China are now worrying a serious problem which can't be ignored in the near future, pets' resistance to Kangkuan. Immoderately adding composition of Kangkuan into domestic pesticide products and wide range of misusage of the products may finally lead to the increased resistance of the target pets and shortens the usage life of the product. It is definitely harmful to DuPont and the development of the whole pesticide industry in the world.

DuPont's great effort and investment in the fighting against counterfeiting actions in recent years has set up a good example for domestic pesticide enterprises. DuPont not only states its viewpoint on detesting infringement, but also pushes Chinese government and domestic pesticide palyers to realize the importance of pesticide innovation. However, more efficient pesticide innovation in China may still need years to go.(Guangzhou China, September 5, 2011)

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