Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Elimination of Six Highly Toxic Insecticides Not Affect Insecticide Industry

CCM further introduces the production status and market situation of six highly toxic insecticides to be eliminated in China from 31 Oct. 2013 in its September Issue of Insecticides China News.

The elimination of phosfolan-methyl, fonofos, megnesium phosphide, coumaphos, sulfotep and terbufos will have little impact on China's insecticide industry because most manufacturers that registered these six highly toxic insecticides have already stopped the production. In fact, most of these insecticides have been banned to be applied in some fields like vegetables and fruits by Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in recent years. Some relevant manufacturers have girded up their loins and gradually turned to the production of other insecticides like those with low toxicity.

It is estimated that the elimination of these six insecticides won't exert great effect on domestic insecticide industry. But it may be favorable to the development of bio-insecticide industry, as it indicates, to some extent, the government's determination to clear up highly toxic insecticides. CCM will continue to pay attention to the dynamics of highly toxic insecticides to be eliminated or banned in the future.

The following highlights are covered in Insecticides China News
-CCM further introduces the production status and market situation of six highly toxic insecticides to be eliminated in China from 31 Oct. 2013.
-Insecticide business becomes a major revenue contributor to Jiangsu Yangnong in H1 2011.   
-Poor performance of Shandong Dacheng in H1 2011 disappoints investors.
-Hubei Sanonda puts on a good performance in H1 2011. 
-Nantong Changqing is planning to build a 500t/a methoxyfenozide technical production line.
-Nantong Agro-star is going to put its 4,000t/a chlorpyrifos technical production line into production in March 2012. 
-Huizhou Sino-quick is investigated by Henan Agricultural Law Enforcement Agency for its insecticide "Emei"on 9 Aug.
-Qingdao Hailier is planning to promote its newly developed production technology of 2-chloro-5-chloromethyl pyridine (CCMP) among domestic imidacloprid manufacturers.
-In Aug. Zhengbang Bio-chemical gets registration of 50% profenofos EW.
-On 15 Aug. Luohong 4A is certificated by domestic agricultural experts in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. 
-Severe occurrence of rice planthopper & cotton aphid promotes the market demand for pymetrozine in Aug.
-In H1 2011, China's total export volume of chlorpyrifos technical witnesses a 20% year-on-year decline.
-Migratory rice insect pests begin to strike middle-season rice and late rice in Aug.
-Fourth-generation cotton bollworm is estimated to hit 1.7 million hectares cotton fields in 2011.
-Ex-factory price of 98% deltamethrin technical has been decreasing slightly in China since Aug.
 (Guangzhou China, September 19, 2011)

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