Friday, September 30, 2011

Wengfu Extends Product Portfolio to improve Competitiveness

CCM’s Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report indicates that WengFu Group extends its product portfolio by cooperating with Onoda Chemical.

WengFu Group, a leading phosphorus chemical company in China, is extending its product portfolio, which is helpful to consolidate its competitiveness.

On July 14th, 2011, Wengfu Onoda Chemical Co., Ltd. (Wengfu Onoda), a joint venture of WengFu Group and Japan's Onoda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Onoda Chemical), was founded in Weng'an County, Guizhou Province. Wengfu Onoda is to produce feed grade tricalcium phosphate (TCP), with designed production capacity of 50,000t/a which is the largest capacity of its kind in China. It is win-win cooperation between WengFu Group and Onoda Chemical.

Through introducing technology to Wengfu Onoda by Onoda Chemical, WengFu Group is to get involve in feed grade TCP production. Meanwhile, Onoda Chemical's existing sales channel will help WengFu Group to enlarge its market share in international market. Based in Japan, Onoda Chemical produces chemical fertilizers, scientific feed, cryolite, sodium fluoride, sodium bifluoride, calcium silicate, feed grade tricalcium phosphate, etc.

In contrast, ample phosphorous resources of WengFu Group can provide resource for Onoda Chemical's development. At the moment, WengFu Group has phosphorus ore exploitation capacity of 4.5 million tonnes annually. Besides extending feed grade phosphate product portfolio, WengFu Group also extends its nonphosphate chemical product portfolio. On July 13th, 2011, Wengfu-Dazhou Chemical Inudstry Co., Ltd. (Wengfu-Dazhou), a subsidiary of WengFu Group in Sichuan Province, started trial production for DAP (diammonium phosphate ).

In the coming future, Wengfu-Dazhou will get involve in fluorine chemical and iodine production. Early in Dec. 2010, Guizhou Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd., WengFu Group's another subsidiary, successfully produced the products based on coal, such as ammonia, methanol and methyl ether, etc. In 2010, WengFu Group was listed the 24th among China's Top 500 Chemical Companies. With the extension of product portfolio, WengFu Group will consolidate its position and competitiveness.

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(Guangzhou China, September 27, 2011)

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