Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Find Hot News in Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1312

Following are headline news of the Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report:

Zhejiang Transfar to acquire Transfar Coating's 100% equity

Zhejiang Transfar to acquire Transfar Coating's 100% equity with a transaction value of USD12.21 million. The acquisition is a horizontal integration, and is expected to create synergy and improve efficiency.

Domestic automobile output is expected to reach 22 million units in 2013

2013 domestic auto output is expected to reach 22 million units. However, local governments' controls on vehicle purchases will affect the development of the auto industry in the future.

Domestic TiO2 price declined massively from mid-Nov. to mid-Dec.

Domestic TiO2 price declined massively at the end of 2013 as the producers have taken a low price strategy to achieve their 2013 sale goals.

Tianyuan Group to enter the titanium industry for new growth point

Tianyuan Group is targeting synthetic rutile as a new growth point amidst the sluggish chlor-alkali market.

Domestic TiO2 price likely to keep steady in 2014

Domestic TiO2 market will likely keep steady without large fluctuations in 2014, mainly because of the lack of obvious driving factors.

TiO2 import price declined slightly while the export price enjoyed a rare increase in Oct.

Both the import volume and export volume of TiO2 declined in Oct. The export price of TiO2 enjoyed a rare MoM growth, while the import price declined slightly. The total export volume for 2013 is likely to exceed that of 2012, which will help to relieve the high inventories in the domestic market.

Capchem plans to acquire Supe Chemical's 56.92% equities

Capchem plans to acquire a 56.92% share of Supe Chemical in order to enter the coating & paints industry.

Luohe Xingmao starts the bidding on its second phase of chloride process TiO2 project

The first phase of Luohe Xingmao's chloride process TiO2 project, which has a production capacity of 60,000 t/a, has been completed and the bidding process of the second phase has been started. However, some technical issues may still exist.

Titanium feedstock imports returned to normal while domestic production increased significantly

Both the domestic production and import volume dramatically increased MoM, pushing up the supply of titanium feedstock in Oct. However, the average import price fell 27.15% MoM to USD195/t. The total supply of titanium feedstock in China increased by 53.15% MoM, which was mainly due to rising operating rates.

TiO2 companies expand despite the market downturn

Some domestic listed TiO2 companies are opting to expand during this current downtrend. Although this strategy may pay off if the market improves in the future, it is fraught with risk. 

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