Monday, December 2, 2013

Find Hot News in Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1311

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report:
International trade of phosphate chemicals in Sept. 2013
With the exception of yellow phosphorus, PA and STPP, export volumes of all other staple phosphorus chemicals fell sharply in Sept. 2013. Export prices of phosphate fertilizers, yellow phosphorus and PA dropped slightly, while prices for other chemicals remained stable or rose by varying rates.
Price monitoring of some phosphate chemicals in Oct. 2013
Domestic phosphorus ore prices decreased further in Oct., while prices of yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid and STPP remained virtually steady.
Market review of prime phosphate chemicals in Oct. 2013
In Oct. 2013, China's staple phosphorus chemicals were still faced with varying degrees of oversupply or capacity surplus.
Shindoo starts production in two plants and aims to go into phosphorus mining
On Nov. 7, Shindoo inaugurated a new plant and started production in a recently renovated one. The company also announced plans to acquire the full equity of Leibo Kairui from Chengdu Siruifeng.
A brief analysis of different production methods of phosphoric acid
In the next decade, wet process and kiln-based process will be the two main methods for phosphoric acid production in China. The HCl route may also be widely used in factories producing HCl. However, the production volume of thermal process PA will drop significantly.
Traditional phosphorus exporting countries under pressure from MENA competitors
Growing investments in the phosphorus chemical industry in MENA are impacting the traditional phosphorus chemicals export global scenario.
India postpones sunset review of anti-dumping duties on Chinese phosphoric acid imports
India postponed the sunset review of taxes on phosphoric acid produced from China-imported ore till Nov. 9, another example of the various anti-dumping policies hindering Chinese phosphorus chemicals exports in recent years.
Brazil stops probing into China's sodium acid pyrophosphate
On October 22, Brazil's foreign-trade authority announced the end of the antidumping investigation into Chinese Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (SAPP-40), effective immediately, following the lawsuit withdrawal by Brazilian plaintiff ICL Brasil Ltda.
Phosphorus enterprises have mixed feelings on Off-Season Reserves for 2013/2014
Although some phosphorus enterprises estimate that China's phosphate fertilizer market will continue to decline, most companies still choose to bid for the Off-Season Reserves to counter the current difficulties.
Ad valorem tax levying mode of phosphorus ore resource tax may be generalized to whole China in 2014
According to China's Ministry of Finance, the ad valorem taxation of phosphorus ore conducted on a trial basis in Hubei Province in 2013 may be extended to other phosphorus ore production areas in 2014.
WUT and Hubei Yihua co-develop advanced phosphogypsum-based cementing materials
The Phosphogypsum-based Cement Materials Research & Application Project, co-developed by Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) and Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd., has been approved on Oct. 10 by the Science & Technology Department of Hubei Province.
MOFCOM launches the 2014 phosphorus ore export quota application procedure
On Oct. 10, the MOFCOM announced the Acceptance Requirements, Notification Procedures and Allocation Principles of the 2014 Export Quota of Phosphorus Ore. The quota was not well received by some China's phosphorus enterprises.
Wengfu-Dazhou and Blue Sword Chemical set up JV to produce fine phosphorus chemicals
Wengfu Blue Sword Chemical to build new plant to produce fine phosphorus chemicals from wet process phosphoric acid.

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