Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Find Hot News in Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1312

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report:

Tanzanian phosphorus: an opportunity for Chinese enterprises

For China's phosphorus giants, the development of African phosphorus reserves is an unmissable opportunity to expand internationally.

International trade of phosphate chemicals in Oct. 2013

In Oct. 2013, exports of phosphorus ore and phosphate fertilizer were low both in price and in volume, while exports of yellow phosphorus, food grade phosphoric acid and some fine phosphorus chemicals generally increased in price and volume.

Price monitoring of phosphate chemicals in Nov. 2013

Phosphorus ore and yellow phosphorus prices held stable, while phosphoric acid and STPP prices dropped in Nov. 2013.

Market review of prime phosphate chemicals in Nov. 2013

The domestic phosphorus industry was generally stable in November. Over the next two or three months, it may recover a little, but long term prospects remain negative due to overcapacity and oversupply.

New aluminum IMC membrane to be widely applied in the phosphorus industry

A new aluminum intermetallic compound membrane, developed by Intermet Technology, will greatly benefit China's phosphorus industry's recycling of resources and emissions treatment.

Wengfu's Chuanyandong phosphorus ore body began production in November

Wengfu Group's second mining site produced phosphorus ore for the first time in November. As the first mining site approaches exhaustion in the coming several years, this second area will become, over the next two decades, Wengfu's main phosphorus ore mine.

The Fertilizer Off-season Commercial Reserves Management Method to be revised

The Fertilizer Off-season Commercial Reserves Management Method is to be revised, since China faces oversupply of nitrogen fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer. In addition, export tariffs on fertilizer will also be reduced in 2014. These adjustments are expected to influence the domestic fertilizer market significantly.

India to continue levying anti-dumping taxes on China's phosphoric acid

On Nov. 8, 2013, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry of India (MCI, India) issued the final anti-dumping award in the sunset review on China's phosphoric acid, and announced that anti-dumping taxes will continue to be levied on technical grade and food grade phosphoric acid imported from China, or manufactured from Chinese phosphorus.

Kailin Group's new multi-purpose TSP device achieved projected output and standard in November

In November, after the compounding and granulating sections maintained normal operation for 80 days, Kailin Group's new TSP production facility with capacity of 200,000t/a successfully achieved projected output and standards, raising the TSP capacity of Kailin Group from 100,000t/a to 300,000t/a.

Wengfu Group and Kailin Group to benefit in the long term from the improvement of Guizhou Province's water transport

Los Wang River terminal, to be completed by the end of 2013, will be the largest wharf in Guiyang City. The new port will benefit the phosphorus related enterprises in Guiyang, cutting their transportation costs in the long term, but effects will not be felt over the next several years.

Integration of phosphorus ore exploitation in Hubei Province achieved initial success

As the integration of Yichang City's phosphorus ore enterprises shows its first results, more and more phosphorus mines are coming together to form industrial giants.

China's phosphate fertilizer export tariff to be reduced in 2014

Phosphate fertilizer export tariffs will likely be cut in 2014, and the ensuing larger volumes of exports in 2014 may further impact the global market.

Luxi Chemical's new urea sulfuric acid fertilizer plant succeeds in its first trial

Luxi Chemical's new urea sulfuric acid compound fertilizer factory, with a production capacity of 20,000t/a, succeeded in its first trial, on Oct. 20. The plant will push up the consumption of Chinese low grade phosphorus ore, reduce the production of phosphogypsum, and stimulate other enterprises to develop new kinds of compound fertilizers. 

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