Monday, December 2, 2013

Find Hot News in Dairy Products China News 1311

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Dairy Products China News:
CALuckyCow Infant Formula Launches
US brand CALuckyCow produced by PBM launches in China's infant formula market, targeting the premium segment.
Royal Dairy to End Distribution Network Expansion Project outside Guangxi
In late September, Royal Dairy announces plans to pull back its distribution network expansion project outside Guangxi, aiming to reduce operating costs and restore profitability.
Yasheng to Target Dairy Farming
On 27 September, Yasheng announces its plans to build dairy farms for 30,000 cows in the coming years, seeing an opportunity in integrated milk supply.
Meiji Dairies to Suspend China's Infant Formula Business
On October 24, Meiji Dairies pulls out of the infant formula market in China, mainly due to the fierce competition and high operation costs which it has been facing.
Treasure of Plateau's Infant Formula Development Plan
Treasure of Plateau reveals its infant formula development plans in early October.
Want Want China Launches New Project in Hunan
Want Want China launches a new milk beverage plant in Hunan, reflecting its intention to expand its dairy business in mainland China.
Government Strengthens Supervision of Imported Infant Formula
On 27 September, AQSIQ issues a notice – Strengthening Supervision of Imported Infant Formula – part of the government's focus on safety and quality supervision of infant formula.
Government Further Focuses on Infant Formula Supervision
On 15 October, MOC releases a notice to strengthen supervision of infant formula distribution.
Heilongjiang Dairy Industry Development
The dairy industry in Heilongjiang shows clear growth in recent years, whilst its industry faces some challenges as the period of restructuring looms.
Market Situation and Trend of Organic Milk
China's organic dairy sector remains in its infancy but shows strong potential.
Overview of Dairy Industry in January-August
Domestic output of dairy products increases in January-August due to the strong demand, with the local farm milk price and dairy imports also up in this period.
Raw Milk Shortage Continues
Mr. Shao, vice-general manager of the DAC publishing operation, expresses his views on the current severe milk shortage and price rises.

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