Monday, December 2, 2013

Find Hot News in Seed China News 1311

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Seed China News:
ZARD makes new round of business acquisitions
ZARD recently announced to purchase two seed companies namely China Farm Good-Seed and Shanxi Luyu, marking its great ambition to further expand its seed businesses.
Soybean cultivation in China: advantages and strategies
China's non-GM soybean planting, which provides safer sources of food for human beings and alleviates the pressure on the environment, should be enhanced by employing science and technology, rationally allocating different varieties, expanding soybean processing industries and distributing higher subsidies.
Planting of open-pollinated rice on the rise in Guangxi
The acreage of open-pollinated rice in Guangxi has increased in 2013, with some popular varieties such as Liuxiangzhan, Yuwanzhan, Shanglinsimiao and Xiangzhouyouzhan.
Introduction to Heilongjiang cucumber seed market
This year cucumber seeds overall fetched good sales in Heilongjiang market; leading varieties are mainly from Tianjin Kernel and Tianjin Derit; sales of Heilongjiang cucumbers is confronted with difficulties in long-range transportation, and threats from cucumbers grown in other regions.
Watermelon seeds selling well in Guangxi 2013
Increased watermelon acreage in Guangxi boosted seed sales in 2013; good sales of watermelon this year further shored up Guangxi watermelon seed market for the next planting season.
Genetic modification back in focus
61 academics wrote a letter calling for the commercialization of GM grain crops, once again making genetic modification the focus of public attention in China.
Depressed corn seed market in 2013
Domestic corn seed market has been stuck in oversupply with high inventories for two consecutive years; Zhengdan958 and Xianyu335 are still the leading corn varieties in the market; In China hundreds of corn varieties pass the variety approval every year but most plagiaristic corn varieties are short-lived and marginalized; Domestic corn seed market is deluged with fake-licensed seeds, causing continuous decrease of seed prices; Foreign corn varieties see steady growth in acreage.
Typhoon Haiyan hits breeding and seed production bases in Hainan
Typhoon Haiyan caused heavy losses on winter breeding and seed production facilities in Hainan, and exposed the serious need for an insurance system for the domestic seed industry.
Forage crop acreage rises but forage seed industry lags behind
Acreage proportion of forage crops has seen sustained growth in China due to growing demand. However, the development, production and promotion of forage seeds is lagging behind.
Shandong tomato seed market in 2013 - Overview
Growing of large red tomatoes is stable in Shandong, while pink TYLCV-resistant tomatoes show an acreage growth this year; the Qidali variety leadership in Shandong's large red tomato seed market goes unshaken, while pink tomato varieties find themselves in intense competition; selling prices of large red TYLCV-resistant tomato seeds have fallen this year, unlike pink TYLCV-resistant tomato seeds; abnormal weather in July and August undermined the resistance of several tomato varieties to TYLCV and root-knot nematodes, and will likely harm tomato seeds sales next year.

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