Monday, January 6, 2014

Find Hot News in Dairy Products China News 1312

Guangda Group to Expand Milk Supply

Guangda Group plans to set up the 5th dairy farm in Chongqing in December to boost its milk supply.

Vitasoy Launches Grain Milk 

Vitasoy launches grain milk in mainland China, aiming to expand its business in the grain beverages market – a fast-growing market segment.

Beingmate Targets Children's Milk Market

On 25 November, Beingmate announces that it will set up a wholly-owned subsidiary for production and sales of children's milk, aiming to acquire a share in this growing niche market.

Synutra to Acquire Youthbase

On 21 November, Synutra announces the acquisition of Youthbase, a Shanghai-based brand with complementary channel positioning.

YST Launches IPO

On 11 November, YST launches a HKD3.9 billion IPO in Hong Kong, aiming to raise capital for further business expansion.

Meiji Dairies Targets Pasteurised Milk and Yoghurt Market 

On 15 November, Meiji Dairies announces its launch of fresh milk and yoghurt in Eastern China in December, moving on from its formula market exit.

New Hope Dairy Re-enters Infant Formula Market

New Hope Dairy announces its re-entry to the infant formula market in early 2014 with a range produced in and imported from New Zealand.

Revised Draft of Food Safety Law Announced

On 29 October, the State Council issues a draft amendment to the Food Safety Law which is notable for proposing harsher punishments for violators.

Domestic Dairy Processors Raise Product Prices

Several domestic dairy processors are raising their product prices this month, suggesting the potential for wider price increases for domestic dairy products in the near future.

One-child Policy Shift Benefits Infant Formula Industry

China will relax its one-child policy, allowing couples to have two children if one of the parents is a single child, a move which is expected to be beneficial for the infant formula industry.

Tingyi and Wakodo to Form JV

Japanese baby food producer Wakodo is establishing a JV with Tingyi, aiming to expand its business in the Chinese market – with Dutch-sourced product.

Cheese Market Growth

Cheese imports for 2013 overall are expected to hit 45,000 tonnes, with Shanghai and Beijing taking the lion's share. 

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