Friday, January 25, 2013

Titanium import volume increase slightly in Oct. 2012

In Oct. 2012, the titanium feedstock import volume (including titanium ores and concentrates) in China is 156,451 tonnes, increasing slightly by 3.8% compared with that in the previous month, but decreasing slightly by 3.1% compared with that in the same period in 2011. At the same time, during Jan. 2012-Oct. 2012, China totally imports 2,572,058 tonnes of titanium feedstock, attaining a year-on-year growth of 30.9%.

Paper making industry is in a trend of slowdown. It is estimated that paper pulp price will fall in the future due to its increasing day of inventory period. Global paper pulp inventory period went up to 38 days in July 2012, much longer than that of the average— 32 days since 2002. The period was 39 days during July 2011, the longest level since 2002. The slowdown of paper making industry can also be observed in the decreased operating rate of ivory board—it went down from 98% last year to 95% this year. And it is estimated that the operating rate of ivory board will continue to go down to 83% in 2013 and 81% in 2014.

TiO2 is used as fillings to make paper surface smooth in paper making industry. Paper making industry consumes about 16% of TiO2 output in the world. The slowdown in paper making industry will decrease the demand for TiO2.

In H1 2012, TiO2 price kept up and down due to the high cost of titanium concentrate ore and the sluggish demand of TiO2. In the future, depressed paper making industry may aggravate the sluggish demand for TiO2.

Without Dowkiwi's support of Chinese TiO2 treatment technology, Chinese TiO2 treatment technology is backward. In the past, Chinese TiO2 manufacturers didn't use organic silicon coated agent in TiO2 treatment. Dowkiwi changes this situation that many Chinese TiO2 companies begin to use organic silicon coated agent. In China, little companies can gain relative patent of TiO2 treatment technology now. Therefore, it can be said that Dowkiwi is an engine in China's TiO2 treatment technology.

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