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Import volume and price of L-phe decrease in Oct. 2012

Recently, CCM has come up with its latest report of Sweeteners China News 1301, in which, an article regarding the import volume and price of L-phe was highlighted. The complete report comes as follows:

According to data from China Customs, both import volume and price of L-phenylalanine (L-phe), a key raw material of aspartame, decreased in Oct. 2012. In detail, import volume of L-phe was about 240 tonnes in Oct. 2012 (the second smallest one during Jan. - Oct. of 2012 and only larger than 212 tonnes in Feb.), decreasing by about 63% compared with that in Sept. 2012. At the same time, the average import price of L-phe decreased to about USD7,100/t in Oct. 2012, which was the lowest one in the first ten months of 2012. 

Actually, because domestic supply of L-phe increased in 2012, domestic demand for imported L-phe decreased at the same time, and Oct. 2012 was no exception. Two domestic producers, namely Fujian Maidan Biology Group Co., Ltd. (Fujian Maidan, the largest L-phe producer in China) and Hebei Anminuo Amino Co., Ltd. (a new L-phe player), have launched their L-phe projects with a total capacity of 11,000t/a in Q1 2012, which means domestic supply of L-phe increased after Q1 2012. The import volume of L-phe in China was about 240 tonnes in Oct. of 2012, which was not only smaller than that in Sept. 2012, but also smaller than 270 tonnes (Oct. 2010) and 490 tonnes (Oct. 2011) respectively.
Besides, it is believed that the decreased export volume of aspartame in Oct. 2012 also has a negative effect on the import volume of L-phe. Most importers of L-phe were domestic aspartame producers, such as Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Niutang), whose import volume of L-phe accounted for about 40% of the nation's total in Jan. - Oct. of 2012. According to China Customs, export volume of aspartame decreased by 22.37% to about 830 tonnes in Oct. 2012 from about 1,070 tonnes in Sept. 2012. Export volume of aspartame of Changzhou Niutang also decreased to 283 tonnes in Oct. 2012 from 382 tonnes in Sept. 2012.
As a result, foreign L-phe producers actively declined their products' prices in order to keep their market shares in China. According to data from China Customs, the average import price of L-phe from Japan, which is one main import origin of L-phe for domestic aspartame producers, was about USD6,200/t in Oct. 2012, which was the lowest one in the first ten months of 2012. But import volume of L-phe from Japan increased sharply to over 91 tonnes in Oct. 2012 from about 8 tonnes in Sept. 2012. The huge volume of imported L-phe from Japan is also a factor that dragged down the average import price of L-phe in Oct. 2012. 

It is predicted that import volume and price of L-phe will both continue to decrease in the near future. More L-phe projects in China will be launched at the beginning of 2013, which will increase domestic supply of L-phe. For example, Changzhou Niutang is building a L-phe project with total capacity of 10,000t/a in Xinjiang since April 2011, which is expected to be finished at the beginning of 2013. Therefore, foreign L-phe producers may continue to decline their prices to maintain their position in China.

Source: Sweeteners China News 1301

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