Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Introduction to World Outlook of Glyphosate 2012-2016 report

Currently, GM crops and no-tillage farming are the key drivers for glyphosate demand in the world. South America and North America contribute a large portion to global glyphosate demand because of the wide promotion of GM crops. What is the future trend of GM crops planting in these two continents and then the world? What is the future trend of glyphosate demand by region/continent? Which region(s) will be prospective market for glyphosate? CCM will give you an insightful analysis on the above questions.

World Outlook of Glyphosate 2012-2016, the second edition finished by CCM in Dec. 2012, is an intelligent report on glyphosate industry across the world. The report mainly includes the following parts: Global market environment outlook Global supply & demand Main consuming/producing countries Worldwide flow and future trend Price and influencing factors Forecast for global glyphosate industry  Key players.
This study explores current status and future trend of glyphosate industry and is comprised of two major sections: The present market analysis - a full market comment providing comprehensive understanding of the global situation of glyphosate at present. The development information is presented by various indexes, such as supply, demand, use, price, key players and trade flow. Future market analysis-expertise analysis providing the most credible projection of market trend in the coming five years.
The main highlights of this report are the consumption situation analysis of major consuming/producing countries and global demand projection. The other sections like global supply situation, crop structure, worldwide flow of glyphosate, key players are also dramatic.

In a bid to figure out glyphosate flow, CCM has dived deep into global glyphosate supply chain, with glyphosate technical producers, glyphosate trade, key players and brands in main countries analyzed systematically. Moreover, an insightful research on the source and distribution of glyphosate of the top players in glyphosate market is provided in the report.

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