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Find Hot News in Dairy Products China News 1211

Published on the 31th every month, Dairy Products China News is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of Dairy market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include the latest information on new market dynamics, company dynamics, new dairy products and consumption trend, new legislations and policies and raw milk supply dynamics that are shaping the market.

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Dairy Products China News:
Xinghe Paints a Mixed Picture for Whey Products
Distributor Xinghe contrasts strong current demand for edible grade whey products with a downturn in feed sector whey demand
Casein Sector Prospects
Hualing sees casein prices set to rise slightly in the near future due to strong demand.
Parental Purchase Criteria for Infant Formula
A November survey from reiterates that product safety is a key concern for Chinese parents when they purchase infant formula
Key Data Shows Dairy Industry Challenges in Q3
A recent report jointly issued by the China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Centre (CEMAC, a subsidiary of the National Bureau of Statistics of China) and the Economic Daily (a leading local newspaper) shows the ongoing difficulties of China's dairy industry in Q3
Key Dairy Processors’ Performance in Q3
Several Chinese dairy processors release their financial reports for Q3, showing mixed performances in the period
Anhui Government Further Strengthens Food Safety
On 31 October, Anhui launches a plan for a tighter food safety supervision system locally.
Beingmate Plans to Sell Infant Supplies Business
On 12 November, Beingmate reveals its plan to divest its infant supplies business to allow it to focus on its core infant nutrition activities.
Bright Dairy Raises Prices
In mid-November, Bright Dairy raises the prices of some products in certain regions, suggestive of expected trends in the wider market.
Nouriz Reignites Milk Powder Controversy
Nouriz is hit by a scandal over claims that it has misrepresented its status by portraying itself as a foreign business
Milk Price Rises
After being stable for several months, the milk price rises again in November
Neptunus Group Extends Infant Formula Range
On November 7, Neptunus Group extends its imported range of Pasteur infant formula which it targets at the premium market segment
Ansy Dairy Launches GUMPs
On October 31, Ansy Dairy introduces AuMina growing up milk powders at a new product conference held in Guangzhou 

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