Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Abamectin producers are facing the challenge of industry reshuffle

The pesticide is an important class of agricultural chemicals that is closely related to human survival activities. Abamectin is an antiparasitic activity antibiotics and the producing bacteria is Streptomycesavermiti2lis.Abamectin not only have the general characteristics of biological pesticides, but also novel chemical structure, unique mechanism of action, strong insecticidal activity and a broad spectrum insecticide. It is known as a major breakthrough of antiparasitic properties in the past 20 years. At the same time, it is also one of the most popular and competitive products in the market of biological pesticides.

Abamectin manufacturer developing together is an important measure of China Pesticide Industry Association. The abamectin collaborative group, which was established to regulate the market order, actively strengthen communication and contact with relevant government departments, will work together to create sustainable and good environment development. After many years of industrialization development, China has become the largest producer and exporter of global abamectin and has made huge progress in both international and domestic market share, and the product quality. Abamectin has developed into an important insecticide miticide varieties.

It is predicted that abamectin producers are facing the challenge of industry reshuffle. On one hand, pests' resistance to abamectin has been reinforcing, so the growth of demand for abamectin will slow down in the future. On the other hand, abamectin will face more intense competition from foreign products such as chlorantraniliprole, and its cost is rising because of the policy of banning the sale of abamectin ointment. Abamectin technical producers are facing the challenge of industry reshuffle, pests' resistance to abamectin is increasing and the competition from foreign products is becoming more and more intense, who will win in the end? The selling of abamectin ointment has been investigated by GAQSIQ since May 2012, will this event impact on abamectin industry? Domestic market is under pressure, but export volume is increasing. How about the demand of abamectin in recently years?

As the mentioned above, CCM has launched a professional report “Data Report-Abamectin Survey in China”, which may help you to answer the questions. Presenting an in-depth analysis on China’s current abamectin market, this report attaches great importance to the following aspects: supply summary of abamectin technical (capacity, output and key manufacturers), ex-works price, export situation, demand, registrations of abamectin in China, analysis on competing products of abamectin, analysis on investigation of abamectin ointment. The data is based on large number of first-hand information and advanced forecast method. If you want know more about abamectin industry or to invest in the abamectin industry, this report is an indispensable tool for you. If you need any information or data regarding abamectin industry, please feel free to contact us.

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