Wednesday, October 17, 2012

China 's seed industry is under rapid development

The 12th China Seed Workshop organized by Beijing Seed Congress& CCM, has been successfully held at Beijing Dacheng Road No.9 Hotel on 12th September, 2012. The summit has attracted top managers from famous enterprises to attend, about 40 delegates from different companies were involved in this event to discuss the current situation and future development of China Seed Workshop and seed policy interpretation.

In the tide of economic globalization, most governments around the world take that strengthen their seed science and technology research and promote the development of the seed industry as an important measure to promote agricultural development. China is a large agricultural country, the huge seed demand increasingly makes the seed market in China become the focus of international competition in the seed industry.

According to the Development Plan, the innovation for agricultural science and technology should be the main task during the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015). For this, the central government demands the budgets at all levels to increase the financial investment in agricultural science and technology. Achieving the technological breakthrough would be mainly centered in crop breeding and agricultural machinery. It is reported that China's agricultural science and technology would enter a golden period in the coming ten years, with total financial investment from the government over USD470 billion in the period.

CCM published the report of Seed China News. The report focused on analysis of company dynamics, new technology and varieties, seed treatment dynamics, market dynamics, MNCs’ activities, policy & legislation, import, export, planting structure, sales mode, seed price, etc. This report is to provide information support for the judgments of the future development of the seed industry. CCM will employ the following methods to obtain the information required: telephone interview, face-to-face interview, expert consultancy, in-depth investigation, exhibition participation, professional data processing and forecasting or any method feasible and helpful to our work will be well adopted.

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