Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gum rosin consumption in China has undergone great changes

China has abundant pine resources, which guarantees sufficient supply for gum rosin production. In China, the total pine areas for tapping have reached 14.4 million hectares with total volume of 639.38 million cubic meters. Pine growing areas are found all over the country especially in Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and Hubei, which are also the major gum rosin production bases.

There are 6 kinds of pines for tapping in China, and they are Masson pine, Burma pine, Szemao pine, Latteri pine, Slash pine and Caribbean pine. The output of oleoresin from Masson pine ranked the most in China, accounting for about 90% of the total oleoresin output. As one of the important forest chemicals, gum rosin is widely used in adhesive, paint & coating, rubber, ink, gum based candy, paper, batik, etc. In recent three years, as more and more domestic producers and multinational corporations are engaged in the deep-processing of gum rosin, domestic consumption volume has been increasing. How about the consumption structure of gum rosin in the past three years and the demand shifted within these major markets? What about the future prospect on major downstream industries?

Driven by great overseas demand and increasing domestic demand, China’s gum rosin industry has developed fast in the past few years. As China is the largest gum rosin production base in the world, its export volume of gum rosin accounts for about 75% of the global total trade volume every year. Chinese export volume of gum rosin has dropped sharply in recent three years. Is it related to the adjustment in Chinese policies on gum rosin export, such as repealing export quotas, lowering export rebate?

Production and Market of Gum Rosin in China finished by CCM will provide you an deep understanding of China’s gum rosin industry. The detailed answers of the above focuses will be given in this report, which will also provide you an insightful analysis on other following aspects:
- Price changes of oleoresin and gum rosin 2007-Aug. 2012 and key factors
- Export & import of Chinese gum rosin, 2007- 2012
- Market size and share of gum rosin in 2007-2011
- Multinational corporations' impact on China's gum rosin and its derivatives production
- Future forecast on Chinese gum rosin supply and demand, 2012-2016
- Introduction to 25 key gum rosin producers in China and know the latest dynamics on Chinese gum rosin industry

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