Monday, September 3, 2012

The Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus

Phosphorus is one of the most important basic raw materials that is applied in pharmaceutical, pesticide and fertilizer, electronic industry and other fields. With the development of Chinese economy, yellow phosphorus is attracting more and more attention in the world.

CCM International, a leading market research consulting company in China, published the report of The Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus. The report focused on analysis of the global state of supply, demand, import and export, production situation. The report will indicate the global phosphorus flow, influencing factors and future trends.

Global yellow phosphorus capacity concentrates in five countries, namely, China, the US, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, and Vietnam. What is the production situation of yellow phosphorus in major countries in 2011 and in the following five years, as well as other policies? How about their export situation?

The global yellow phosphorus demand has increased slowly in the past five years. However, the situation of the five main downstream products, phosphoric acid, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus pentoxide, phosphorus pentasulfide and sodium hypophosphite, is different from each other. In the next five years, the demand from thermal phosphoric acid sector will gradually decrease, while that from phosphorus trichloride sector will continue increasing fast. What have driven such changes to happen? How is the demand of the world's yellow phosphorus?

How does phosphoric ore influence yellow phosphorus production? Which is the consumption pattern of yellow phosphorus? How will it be evolved in the future? What changes have taken place to the global yellow phosphorus flow from 2008 to 2010? What are the opportunities in the yellow phosphorus industry in the future?

To answer these questions, CCM International has carried out the research on global yellow phosphorus market. If you are interested in this report, please feel free to contact us.

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