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Find Hot News in Dairy Products China News 1207

Published on the 5th every month, Dairy Products China News is a monthly publication released by CCM International. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of Dairy market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include the latest information on new market dynamics, company dynamics, new dairy products and consumption trend, new legislations and policies and raw milk supply dynamics that are shaping the market.

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Dairy Products China News:
Dairy Industry Growth in H1
In H1, the Chinese dairy industry has achieved increasing output, and is predicted to grow at a good pace in H2
Signs of the Growing Cheese Market
In late June, French industry body CNIEL holds a cheese marketing event in Beijing, aiming to publicise French cheese to domestic consumers as the cheese market continues to grow in China
Strengthened Supervision + Increasing Concern = More Food Incidents
A corollary of the strengthened governmental supervision and the increasing public concern is that more and more food scare incidents are exposed, a trend which processors will have to learn to live with
Government Plan for Build Food Safety Supervision System
The government launches the 12th Five-Year Plan of Food Safety Supervision System, revealing its intention to establish such a system covering all foods
New Website for Quality Management of Food Enterprises
As part of its food safety drive the government launches a new website for quality management of food enterprises
Arla Foods + Mengniu + Biostime: Cooperation Arrangements
In June Arla Foods agrees cooperation deals with Mengniu and Biostime – more and more such arrangements in the industry can be expected
Junlebao Dairy Cooperation with BOC
On 5 July, Junlebao Dairy signs a funding agreement with the Bank of China as it seeks to build its raw milk supply
Pengxin Targets Domestic Raw Milk
In late June, Pengxin signs contracts with 8 county governments for investment in dairy farms in Anhui, showing a focus on domestic raw milk production
New Hope Dairy Signs A New Farm
On 25 June New Hope Dairy starts to build a new dairy farm in Yunnan Province, aiming to consolidate the market in Southwest China
Dairy Industry Benefits from the Development of Grassland
On 7 July, the 2nd China Grassland Agriculture Conference takes place in Beijing, highlighting the importance of increasing supplies of local grassland and alfalfa for the growing dairy industry
Tianyou Dairy Launches New Yoghurt
On 6 July, Tianyou Dairy launches a new premium yogurt named Santis in Chongqing
Dumex Launches New Formula
In July Dumex launches its Precigro formula range in China as an update to the Nutrilon products

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