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Fungicide import jumps but export slides in China in first seven months of 2012

China's fungicide import witnessed a significant jump from Jan. to July 2012, but its export suffered slide in the meantime, according to the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GAC), according to CCM September by Issue of Fungicides China News.


Specifically, the import volume of fungicides in China reached around 15,507 tonnes, up 24.35% year on year in the first seven months of this year, and the import value of fungicides increased by 34.86% year on year to about USD174.31 million. However, domestic export volume of fungicides decreased to about 42,521 tonnes, down 8.30% over the same period of 2011, and the export value also saw a drop of 11.94% year on year to around USD203.81 million.


By packing type, China's import volume of non-retail packing fungicides was about 14,705 tonnes from Jan. to July 2012, much higher than that of retail packing one, about 802 tonnes. And the export volume of non-retail packing fungicides hit around 31,400 tonnes, almost three times as much as that of retail packing one, around 11,121 tonnes. 


The top six import sources of China's fungicides included Germany, India, France, the US, Japan and Columbia respectively in the first seven months of this year, with import volumes of 2,953 tonnes, 2,413 tonnes, 2,031 tonnes, 1,096 tonnes, 909 tonnes and 743 tonnes respectively. It is worthy of noting that the import proportion of the top six sources reached about 65.12% during this period.


Meanwhile, the top six import ports of fungicides in China were Shanghai, Huangpu, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Ningbo separately, with import volumes of 8,181 tonnes, 2,472 tonnes, 2,251 tonnes, 1,156 tonnes, 556 tonnes and 327 tonnes. Moreover, the fungicide import volume of the top six ports accounted for 96.36% of the total in the first seven months of this year.                       


In terms of export, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ukraine, Thailand, Columbia and Philippines were the top six export destinations of domestic fungicides from Jan. to July 2012, with export volumes of 4,143 tonnes, 2,628 tonnes, 1,862 tonnes, 1,849 tonnes, 1,784 tonnes and 1,682 tonnes respectively. What's more, the export volume of fungicides to Vietnam was far higher than those to other destinations.


The top six export ports for Chinese fungicides included Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjing, Qingdao, Nanning and Ningbo, with export volumes of 35,051 tonnes, 3,746 tonnes, 1,565 tonnes, 650 tonnes, 545 tonnes and 388 tonnes respectively. It is not hard to see that fungicides' export volume of Shanghai port took up 82.43% of the total during the period. 


The imported and exported fungicide varieties were similar in 2011 and 2012. Furthermore, the main imported fungicides in the first seven months of 2012 were mancozeb, difenoconazole, pyraclostrobin, trifloxystrobin, azoxystrobin, etc. Thereinto, the consumption volumes of mancozeb and difenoconazole, two conventional fungicides, are very large in China. The rest ones enjoy growing favor thanks to their high efficacy, broad spectrum and low toxicity.


At the same time, China's exported fungicides to overseas market mainly covered some conventional varieties, such as carbendazim, tebuconazole, chlorothalonil, mancozeb and propiconazole. Among all these varieties, carbendazim was still the largest one exported to foreign countries, followed by tebuconazole. 


It is estimated that China's import volume of fungicides will remain going up in the rest months of 2012 (Aug.~Dec.) in line with the current growth trend, while fungicide export may still witness fall to a certain extent in the off-season of fungicide export (generally speaking, the first half of each year is the peak season for pesticide export, including fungicides). 


Source: Fungicides China News 1209


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