Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Survey of Pesticide research and development in China

Pesticides can be used to kill insects, fungi and other biological hazards crop growth. It refers to specifically what used for pest control in agriculture as well as regulating the growth of plants, weeding pharmacy. 

China is a large producer and consumer of pesticide in the world. In 2008-2011, China's pesticide output of pesticide technical increases year by year. It is at 2,648,000 tonnes in 2008, up to 1,902,400 tonnes in 2011. But owing to the lack of independent research and development (R&D) products in domestic market, the top 10 pesticide technical companies accounted for just 21.9% market share by sales revenue in 2010. Foreign companies take the major market share.

Pesticide research and development plays a great role for participants in the intense competition environment. CCM International, a leading market research consulting company in China, will launch the report on Survy of Pesticide R&D in China. Research contents covering the overall situation of pesticide R&D in China will be described. The research will focus on the following aspects: recent achievement basic info, application situation and technology; R&D ability of key players, R&D range, potential R&D and achievement.

With the improvement of people's living standard and environmental awareness, the highly toxic organophosphate insecticides will gradually fade out, green pesticides will become the new darling of the farmers' friends. Green business will become a new business concepts and new trends.  High - active, safe and easy-to-use products is the way forward of future agrochemicals. The agro-chemical industry is co - operating with increasing competition in recent years.

What can you benefit from the research?
1. Indentify R&D ability of key players through evaluating index
2. Keep informed of your competitors’ R&D dynamic in China
3. Find the most suitable partners to start/expand your business
4. Master the development direction of pesticide R&D in China
5. Obtain comprehensive understanding of China’s pesticide R&D situation, such as status, feature recent achievement, etc.
6. Gain latest and detailed intelligence of R&D achievement on new active ingredient, off-patent and technical improvement

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