Friday, March 2, 2012

Demand of China’s Monosodium Glutamate MSG to Keep Growing

With the rising demand from the downstream industries of MSG, China's MSG industry has experienced fast development these years. Up to 2011, MSG capacity has increased to nearly 3,000,000t/a, while its output has risen to over 2,300,000 tonnes, with about 5% CAGR compared with that in 2007.

Although China's MSG industry has enjoyed
great growth in recent years, there are still many problems for China’s MSG industry at the same time, such as more policy pressures from the Chinese government, tight supply of raw materials and low profit in MSG business. Then what is the status of China's MSG producers currently? Are there still any expansion plans for MSG in the coming five years?

As to methods of MSG production, most of the China's large-scale MSG producers have GA (Glutamic acid) process in MSG production and produce MSG through fermentation currently, while lots of small-scale MSG producers without GA process make MSG directly from outsourcing GA by chemical synthesis method, and there are also some small-scale production lines with GA process. With stricter environmental policies, what will different scale producers of MSG do in China in the future?

A large amount of MSG is consumed in China every year. At present, MSG is mainly applied in cooking and food industry as condiment. Nevertheless,
it is well-known to all that more and more people are in favor of other condiment products in China at present. Will China’s MSG industry shrink with other condiment products appearing? What will the MSG consumption pattern be shaped? Will the demand for MSG in China grow continually? And what about the demand from abroad? Are there still any opportunities for investors to invest in MSG industry?

To give you suggestions on
China’s MSG industry, CCM International has made an investigation of China’s MSG industry and created a new report in February 2012, entitled Production and Market of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in China. In order to provide you with a comprehensive outlook of China’s MSG industry, the report mainly covers the following aspects:

-Current production situation of MSG in China
-MSG key producers in China
-Technology of MSG production in current China
-Situation of raw material supply for MSG in China
-Import and export analysis of MSG in China (2006-2011)
-Key factors influencing China's MSG industry, especially policies
-Consumption volume and pattern of MSG in China
-Forecast on MSG industry in the coming five years (2012-2016)

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