Friday, March 2, 2012

China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report Newly Published

Released at the 2011 annual conference of China Organic Fluorine and Silicone
Material Industry Association, the 12th  Five-Year Plan of China’s Fluoride Chemical Industry has set a five-year plan which aims to realize USD23.6 billion of output value by 2015, to be tripled compared with that in 2010.

To achieve the target, fluoride companies are suggested to emphasize on developing high value-added products, such as fluoropolymers, ODS substitutes and some other fine chemicals. To guarantee the development of China’s fluorine industry, the Chinese government is expected to implement various measures to protect domestic fluorite resources, including encouraging the development of fluororubber, fluororesin and fluoride fine chemicals; restricting inorganic fluoride chemicals (e.g. HF, AlF3) and HCFCs, PFOS, etc.; eliminating CFCs and inorganic fluoride (e.g. HF, AlF3) production lines with small production capacity, etc. In a word, it is worth paying more attention to China's fluorine industry as its development brings both opportunities and challenges.

CCM International's China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report, newly-launched in January 20th, 2012, covers sectors on policy & legislation, company dynamic, supply & demand, price update, etc. It will help you follow the dynamic throughout the whole value chain immediately. If you are interested in this newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 86-20-37616606.

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Main Contents of first issue of China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report:
-Fluorite resource attracts more investment
-China continues to revoke export quota system for fluorite ore in 2012.
-Phosphorus-fluorine integrated industry to benefit fluorine industry
-China to completely eliminate HCFCs by 2030
-Shanghai 3F benefits from capacity expansion and price rising
-China's global market share for AlF3 shrinks in 2010-2011
-China restricts inorganic fluoride development by rising entry criteria
-India extends anti-dumping duty on China's PTFE for five years
-China's fluoropolymer industry attracts more foreign investment
-Zhejiang Juhua to extend fluoride product portfolio
-Fluoride fine chemical production booming in Fuxin, Liaoning
-LiPF6 production to boom in China
-China still a net exporter of fluoride chemicals

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