Friday, March 2, 2012

Huge Potential in China’s 2,4-D Industry

In 2011, a new 2,4-D product namely 2,4-D choline has been under industrial production by Dow AgroSciences. Owing to its advantages of high efficiency of weeding, low pollution to the environment, wide application areas can also be applied to GM crops, and production of 2,4-D choline will create more development space for the whole 2,4-D industry worldwide. Meanwhile, the promotion of this new product is largely affected by many factors, such as its price higher than that of other 2,4-D products, planting areas of GM crops affected by the attitude of local governments, etc.

Over the years, 2,4-D has been playing an increasingly important role in weed control in the world. Dow AgroSciences, Nufarm and Atul Ltd. are the 3 leading 2,4-D producers in the world. As one of the largest producers of chemicals and plastics in terms of sales in the world, Dow AgroSciences has global operation and strong R&D capability, which enables the company to come up with new and innovative products.

In China, as of the end of 2011, the capacity of 2,4-D technical has reached over 65,000t/a, maintaining an oversupply situation. Major domestic 2,4-D producers include Changzhou Wintafone (20,000t/a), Shandong Rainbow (10,000t/a), Jiangsu Huifeng (10,000t/a), etc., and capacities are of technical grades. In spite of severe oversupply, domestic large-scale 2,4-D technical producers will continue to expand their capacity to occupy more market share and remain competitive.

With the application rate increase of chemical weeding in China, herbicides including 2,4-D are becoming widely accepted by farmers. In addition, 2,4-D is often used to mixed with glyphosate to kill the weeds that own resistance to glyphosate, which is also the main driver for the development of 2,4-D industry in China. Other factors such as technology innovation, sufficient raw material supply, promotion of GM technology in 2,4-D tolerance, etc. have also provided the development space and opportunity for 2,4-D industry in China.
CCM International has newly published the report of 2,4-D Survey in China, which will present you an in-depth analysis of China’s current 2,4-D market and future trends.

 This report attaches importance to the following parts:
 Supply and demand situation of 2,4-D in China, 2008-2011;
 Upstream industry (chloroacetic acid & phenol);
 Production technology of 2,4-D;
 2007-2011 price and 2009-2011 export of 2,4-D technical and formulations;
 Forecast on Chinese 2,4-D supply & demand, 2012-2016;
 Key factors influencing the development of 2,4-D in China;
 Commercial opportunities.

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