Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 10 Chinese TiO2 Manufacturers Come out

On 9 Oct. 2011, a selection of "Top 10 Chinese TiO2 companies 2011" completed successfully. Sichuan Lomon, Shandong Dongjia, Henan Billions and other seven companies were selected. The acknowledgment marked good competitive strength of each selected companies, according to CCM’s October issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report.

The selection is initiated and conducted by China Coating Purchase Net (, a famous coating medium in China. It aims at providing better understanding of domestic TiO2 companies and more cost-effective TiO2 products for coating companies.

The result of the selection comes from three-month online poll and field survey on 37 candidates. The selection becomes worthy of note because it is not only based on output and sales volume of each TiO2 company, but also on the popularity and cost performance of products, credit standing and development prospect of each company.

For China's TiO2 producers, to learn from each other in the selection is more important than the result.

According to the analysis by China Coating Purchase Net, domestic TiO2 market is unsaturated by now, but remarkable growth is stunted by the shortage of titanium feedstock, low investment in R&D, strict environmental protection policy, etc. Foreign TiO2 producers spend many efforts on improving product quality and developing new products, so it's easy for them to occupy China's market, especially for high-end products.

(Guangzhou China, October 26, 2011)

Source: TiO2 China Monthly Report 1110

Content of TiO2 China Monthly Report 1110:
China's TiO2 export volume continues to decline in Aug. 2011
Henan Billions doubles net profit in Q3 2011
CNNC Huayuan extends its maintenance period to mid-Oct.
Annada gets high net profit growth in Q3, while worries about Q4
Pangang Group overfufils production plan by Sept. 2011
The Top 10 Chinese TiO2 Manufacturers come out
China's titanium feedstock import situation in Aug. 2011
Tronox to integrate mineral sands and TiO2 production
Argex Mining advances TiO2 production with CTL's technology
China's architectural coating output growth slows down
China's ink company selected as global ink industry leader
TiO2 price slump continues in Oct. China's market
What's behind TiO2 prices decrease in China market?
TiO2 price increase in North America in Q4 2011

Editor’s Note
China saw some improvements in its economy last month. Its manufacturing PMI rose by 0.3% to 51.2 in Sept. 2011 compared with that in Aug. Meanwhile, its CPI growth rate fell to 6.1%, showing a slowdown in growth for the second consecutive month.

In Q3 2011, China sees a 9.1% year-on-year increase in GDP, which is lower than the growth rates of 9.5% in Q2 and 9.7% in Q1 this year. It reflects China's economic growth has slowed down.

Domestic TiO2 prices slump in this month, with the mainstream prices for rutile TiO2 falling to USD2,830/t by mid-Oct. 2011. China's TiO2 producers worry about the profit growth of TiO2 in Q4, though many remain high growth in Q3 2011.

By the end of Sept. 2011, China has started building 9.86 million units of affordable housing, 98% of the amount planned for this year. In the building material industry, the architectural coating industry will continue to be the major beneficiary of these projects. However, the coating industry in China has entered an off-season now, which suggests the demand of TiO2 will be weaker.

TiO2 China Monthly Report, a monthly publication issued by CCM International on 25th of every month, will penetrate into Chinese TiO2 market from a global view, deeply analyse TiO2 industrial chain and manufacturers’ competitiveness and trace the latest industrial hotspots and dynamics, aiming to provide the most valuable information about China’s TiO2 industry.

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