Friday, October 28, 2011

CCM to Host Polycarbonate Webinar for Free

A free webinar, with the topic of Survey of Polycarbonate Market in China, will be held by CCM at 20:00 (GMT+8, Beijing Time), Nov. 29, 2011. CCM has been engaged in polycarbonate (PC) research for many years, with professional market report published this October 2011.

The webinar will cover profound insights of polycarbonate consumption and supply situation in China, and Emma Lu, speaker and professional polycarbonate consultant from CCM, will share her ideas about the future forecast from aspects of polycarbonate production and consumption.

According to CCM International’s survey, the consumption of polycarbonate in China is expected to keep growing in the coming five years. In China, PC is mainly used in the production of electronic and electrical components, automotive components, construction materials, drinking bottles and food containers, optical disks and lens. Electronic and electrical components, automotive components and construction materials rank top three in China’s polycarbonate consumption market, taking up about 73.43% of China's total PC consumption in 2010.

What is the detailed consumption situation of polycarbonate in each downstream product mentioned above? What is the development situation of each PC downstream product in China? How many tonnes of polycarbonate did China import in the past years? What is the future consumption trend of each downstream product? Will the production of China’s polycarbonate increase?

You might get all answers, together with the latest information and insightful idea through CCM’s polycarbonate webinar. Hurry up and join us now!

For more information about CCM’s polycarbonate market report and upcoming polycarbonate webinar, please feel free to contact us at 

Polycarbonate Webinar Outline:
1. Consumption of polycarbonate in China
-Consumption pattern of polycarbonate
-Development of polycarbonate downstream industries

2. Supply of polycarbonate
-Development of domestic producers
-Import of polycarbonate
-Foreign investments in China

3. Prospects for China’s polycarbonate market
-Production expansion of polycarbonate
 (Guangzhou, China, October 27, 2011)

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