Monday, October 17, 2011

China’s Pesticide Manufacturers Need Integration and Reformation

CCM newly published the second edition report of Company Profiles of Ten Chinese Agrochemical Manufacturers. The report focuses on ten pesticide manufacturers from many aspects including company basic information, financial performance, products portfolio, market share, new investment, marketing, sales, commercial activities, export, etc.

China is the largest production base and exporter of pesticide in the world. Most pesticides produced in China are generic products, and the whole Chinese pesticide industry faces the problems of overcapacity, irrational competition, lack of world-famous brands and low added value.

In the 12th Five-Year period, as planned in recently released China Pesticide Industry Policy, China will make efforts to optimize the pesticide industry structure and improve Chinese pesticides’ comprehensive competitiveness in global market. Hence, the whole pesticide industry is expected to undergo great integration and reformation, and many companies will be restructured. It is full of opportunities and challenges in the pesticide market of China.

The report provides a profound analysis of key players in China’s pesticide industry. The following findings or conclusions will be shared in this report:
-Some companies like Jiangsu Sevencontinent, Shandong Luba etc. are lack of long-term plan, and they have not any expansion plans in the coming few years.
-The exports of some companies such as Shandong Rainbow, Shandong Luba etc. are shrinking in 2010, and they have intensified the efforts on developing domestic market. Some companies like Nanjing Redsun witnessed stable growth of export business. Some other companies, such as Zhejiang Yongnong, record significant export increase in 2010, indicating that the international conditions have become more propitious for China's pesticide export.
-Companies such as Shandong Luba,Jiangsu Sevencontinent have seen decrease in profitability. However, some pesticide companies have seen significant increase in sales revenue in 2010, such as Zhejiang Yongnong and Jiangsu Fengshan, etc.

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