Sunday, October 9, 2011

GLG Built Stevia Breeding and Cultivation Centre in Anhui

GLG Life Tech Corporation (GLG), a world leader in the production of high-quality stevia, built a breeding and cultivation centre of stevia jointly with Anhui Science and Technology University in Anhui in June 2011. This centre is a unique provincial engineering research centre which is focused on breeding, cultivation and the breed improvement of stevia, according to CCM’s Sweeterner China News.

In light of the following two reasons, GLG believes that the stevia planting will develop well and the demand for stevia may keep increasing in the next several years, thus it has finally built this breeding and cultivation centre in Anhui.

First, the export volume of stevia sweetener has increased thanks to the growing overseas demand for it in recent years. Currently, China has already become the largest stevia sweetener supplier in the world, and around 80% of its total output of stevia sweetener is sold to overseas market. It reveals that the output of stevia is also increasing as stevia is the raw material of stevia sweetener.

Moreover, the consumption volume of stevia sweetener in China has also gradually increased for the development of sugar-free foods and beverages in recent years.

GLG builds the breeding and cultivation centre of stevia for the following two goals.
First, the centre will improve the breeding to get new stevia species which have higher steviol glycosides content in the leaves. And the major components in steviol glycosides are stevioside and rebaudioside A (RA). Those new species can help stevia sweetener processors produce high RA purity products. Moreover, the prices of high RA purity products such as RA 80%, RA 90% and RA 95% are much higher than that of stevioside, that is to say, the new species can bring GLG with high profits.

Second, the output of stevia will increase with the improving stevia planting level through education and training. What's more, the centre will help farmers learn new culture technique of stevia and prevent plant diseases and insect damage.

It is estimated that the planting industry of stevia will develop sustainably, then the output of stevia will also increase to ensure the supply. In fact, stevia is planted by native farmers and then sold as a raw material to the domestic stevia sweetener producers. On one hand, the increasing demand from stevia sweetener drives the producers to buy more stevia from farmers.

On the other hand, local governments also try their best to promote the planting industry of stevia, because it can increase the income of farmers. For example, Government of Anhui Mingguang held a purchasing meeting of stevia on 4 May 2010 which aims to help farmers sell their stevia at a reasonable price and also help stevia sweetener producers buy high quality stevia in the harvest season. That is to say, both the sweetener producers and the government are promoting the planting industry of stevia.

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