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China’s Trifluralin is in Tight Supply

Trifluralin in China meets intense supply/demand due to the insufficient output and white-hot purchase during peak sales season, resulting in the price boom of Chinese trifluralin in Oct. 2011.

CCM’s October Issue of Herbicides China News reveals the story. According to CCM’s survey, most trifluralin technical manufacturers declined to offer quotation of trifluralin technical due to the lack of spot goods. And those manufacturers who are willing to accept deals expressed that the new orders must queue to the next year, 2012.

Aiming to make sure smooth supply during the peak season, Chinese trifluralin manufacturers usually produce trifluralin one month earlier than the peak season. But overseas demand usually overwhelms the domestic supply in peak season, resulting in relatively intense supply/demand. Especially contributed by the inflation in China this year, trifluralin price rushes high in 2011.

Trifluralin technical price exceeded USD6,200/t in early Oct. 2011, up almost USD700/t over the average price in Sept. 2011. On the whole, trifluralin technical price in China keeps aggressive in recent months. It's predicted that this price uptrend of trifluralin technical in China will continue in the remaining months of 2011.

In terms of those who suspended trifluralin production, unstable material expenses are mainly responsible for their idle trifluralin production. One salesman from Shandong Qiaochang Chemical Co., Ltd. (Shandong Qiaochang) explained that relative material prices fluctuate so frequently that Shandong Qiaochang also suspends the production in order to avoid the risk of deficit.

It can be predicted that the future price of trifluralin technical in Nov. and Dec., 2011 will change slightly because most active manufacturers in China have stopped quoting price. What's more, this white-hot supply/demand of trifluralin in China will continue until 2012.

The above is extracted from CCM’s October Issue of Herbicides China News. More news please check:
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